Aranui 5

Aranui 5

Aranui 5 and Aranui 3 Comparison

The Aranui 4 went into operation in December of 2015. The new 256-passenger ship replaced the previous 200-passenger Aranui 3. The Aranui 3 began its service to the Marquesas Islands in 2003. Click here to view our old 8 page Aranui 5 Brochure. For the new brochure visit the brochure download page.

Aranui 5 Highlights

The Aranui 5 is slightly wider and taller (22m x 125m) than the Aranui 3 with two more decks (9 in total). It also includes additional public spaces, more suites (31), Aranui 5 Dining Roomsuperior & deluxe staterooms (29) for a total of 103 cabins. It has a cruising speed of 15 knots, about the same as the Aranui 3. The length of the ship is the same so that it can safely navigate the smaller harbours of the Marquesas Islands.

The Suites are furnished with a queen-size bed and a sofa bed, and can sleep 2 or 3 people. Staterooms are available for single, double or quadruple occupancy. Some suites and deluxe cabins will have twin bed options, while some standard cabins will have queen beds. Private bathrooms with showers are included in each guest room. There are berths for 24 passengers in the Class C dormitory. These four rooms will each have a bathroom and shower. There is also space on deck for 45 local passengers.

Aranui 5 SuitePublic areas include a reception, restaurant, a Sky bar, dancing room, 2 conference rooms, lounges, a library, video and computer room, boutique, swimming pool with whirlpool, fitness room, 1 massage room and Spa. The decor features Marquesan designs, Paul Gauguin prints and original paintings by Erhard Lux, a German artist who lives part-time in Moorea. The Aranui 5 has air conditioning in all passenger areas and indoor public spaces.

The Aranui 5 follows the same 14-day itinerary as the Aranui 3 although as of 2015, a stopover is made in Bora Bora (after Rangiroa) on the return trip. The cruise includes three meals with complementary wine for on-board lunches and dinners, guided excursions, picnics and meals on shore. Optional excursions such as scuba diving, horseback riding and fishing are an additional charge.