Aranui 5 – Sail Tahiti & the Marquesas Islands

Aranui 5

The Aranui 5 is a passenger and freighter cruise with unique trips from Tahiti to the Marquesas islands and Bora Bora. The ship was designed to deliver supplies and carry visitors to the most remote islands of the South Pacific.

Onboard the Aranui you will find a pool, daily seminars, lounge, bars, library and breathtaking South Pacific ocean views. Included are daily shore trips on each of the islands you visit.

“Exclusively This December, The Quadrennial Festival of Culture”


Aranui View

Ship Cabins

The Aranui 5 has cabin styles for all types of travelers. suites, balcony cabins, staterooms and comfortable dormitory cabins. The Suites are furnished with floor to ceiling windows, a queen-size bed or twin beds and a sofa bed to sleep 2 or 3 people. Deluxe cabins are similar but without the sofa bed and can accommodate 2 people. Standard staterooms have a porthole window and are available for single, double or quadruple occupancy. Private bathrooms with showers are included in each guest room. There are berths for 24 passengers in the Class C dormitory. These four rooms each have their own bathroom and shower. There is also space on deck for 45 local passengers.


The Aranui 5 follows the same 14-day itinerary as its predecessor, the Aranui 3. A stopover is also made in Bora Bora (after Rangiroa) on the return trip. The cruise includes three meals daily with complementary wine for on-board lunches and dinners, guided excursions and meals on shore including a private island picnic in Bora Bora. Optional excursions such as scuba diving, helicopter tours, lagoon tours and fishing are an additional charge.

Contact Us: For information on this unique cruise experience call us toll free at: 1-844-ARANUI-5 (1-844-272-6845). Prices can be found by clicking here. To make a reservation for a specific date visit our Online Reservation page.